Crime evolves fast. Help the BPD evolve even faster.

Crime evolves fast. Help the BPD evolve even faster.

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Educational programs help BPD members through traumatic experiences and personal tragedies.

Boston Police officers are human. They don’t simply forget the cases they investigate. The Boston Police Foundation supports programs that help cops shoulder post-incident stress, anxiety, and depression. Through structured group discussions and seminars, the Department’s Peer Support Unit and Critical Incident Stress Management Team guide members of the BPD through traumatic experiences, like line-of-duty shootings, high-speed pursuits, and personal tragedies.

It’s an unfortunate reality that more cops are killed annually nationwide by their own firearms than by firearms of violent criminals. The Suicide Prevention Training is a concerted effort by the Boston Police Department to combat that statistic. BPF funded programs give members of the BPD access to peer support groups and professional counselors specializing in suicide prevention. These outlets support Police Officers through post-incident stress and ensure that they can continue to protect and serve the City of Boston.

The goal of every officer-wellness initiative is to educate members of the BPD. The Foundation supports these programs because it believes in the welfare of those who risk their lives for the City of Boston.

Stress and anxiety are part of the job. Dealing with them alone shouldn’t be. 

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The Boston Police Foundation is committed to providing top of the line technology and equipment.

The Boston Police Foundation funds the technological tools that make the Boston Police Department one of the most advanced and best -equipped Police forces in the country. Identification systems like Bullet Trax and Shot Spotter allow the BPD to pinpoint and identify criminals’ firearms with unrivaled accuracy.

At the Real-Time Crime Center, members of the BPD monitor ongoing incidents and send real-time data to units in the field. The intelligence from the Crime Center gives Boston cops the data they need when they need it, allowing them to make quick and informed judgments on the scene. For the BPD, direct access to resources like the Real-Time Crime Center means deeper understanding of complex gang environments and identifications of major-impact criminals. Data gathered from the Crime Center also improves the BPD’s counter-terrorism capacity, giving them swift access to resources in moments of crisis.

Generous donations come from both private and public organizations. In January of 2013, donor John F. Fish of Suffolk Construction funded the purchase of 100 iPads through the BPF, ensuring the Boston Police Department has every crime fighting tool at its disposal.

In July of 2014 the Boston Police Foundation donated $20,000 to purchase two Fixed Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Cameras for the Boston Police Department. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) helps police do their jobs more effectively. Every day, in every jurisdiction, there is a list of license numbers to watch for and this equipment allows officers to identify and investigate appropriately.

Donating to the Boston Police Foundation sustains these innovative programs and allows Boston Police Officers to fight crime with speed and accuracy.

The BPF sponsors the gadgets on the utility belts of real life superheroes, helping the brave men and women of the BPD fight crime in record time.

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The Crime Stoppers Hotline and Text-A-Tip programs offer communities real-time tools to fight crime.

The Crime Stoppers Hotline and Text-A-Tip programs give communities real-time tools to fight crime. Since the inception of the programs, information from anonymous phone calls and texts has led to arrests in numerous cases, including homicides, aggravated assaults, car-jackings, and home invasions.

The non traceable and unrecorded Crime Stoppers Hotline sends information directly to trained personnel of the BPD, allowing them to piece together relevant tips in ongoing investigations. The Text-A-Tip program was introduced in 2007, pioneering efforts in community policing by offering immediate communication between concerned citizens and police officers.

These programs are completely anonymous. Phone numbers remain private, and only information provided voluntarily will be given to police. In meritorious cases where the information leads to an arrest and indictment of a murderer, the tipster may receive up to $1,000 in cash.

The BPD needs every bit of information to solve crime. Your phone is more powerful than you think.

Call in your anonymous tip to: 1-800-494 –TIPS

Text your anonymous tip to: “CRIME” or 27463

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Crime Watch builds trust between the people of Boston and the police officers that protect them.

Members of the Boston Police Department are members of the Boston community, with as much at stake in the safety of the city’s neighborhoods as the people they protect. Programs like Crime Watch champion the belief that fighting crime is a communal responsibility, built on cooperation and bolstered by trust.

Donations through the Boston Police Foundation help fund “America’s Night Out Against Crime,” a community event that increases awareness of police programs in groups taking part in drug-prevention and town-watch efforts. It’s a movement that’s growing. In 1984, 2.5 million people across 400 communities participated in “America’s Night Out Against Crime”; in 2006, that number jumped to 35.2 million people in 11,100 communities.

Boston thrives when its citizens trust each other. Your donation to the BPF strengthens the bond between protectors and protected.