Mayor Walsh and Commissioner Evans to be honored at the White House

We are proud to announce that the Boston Police Department has been selected as one of the 10 cities who have made real progress since the launch of the 21st Century Policing Task Force. Mayor Walsh and Commissioner Evans will be honored at the White House for their work in establishing a close relationship with the communities that they are tasked to protect. Below is a write up of why the department has been selected. To see the full article from the White House please CLICK HERE.

Under the leadership of Mayor Walsh and Commissioner Evans, the Boston Police Department prioritizes relationships with youth and the community as the key to building trust and creating safe and thriving neighborhoods. This starts with an emphasis on daily interactions on the streets and in school classrooms; includes proactive prevention and diversion for at-risk youth and their families; and provides pathways away from violence for those who are ready to make a change. The Boston Police Department is proud to be part of the City’s participation in both My Brother’s Keeper and the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention – two Presidential initiatives that understand the need for comprehensive collaborative approaches to complex problems. The BPD has strong partnerships and collaborations with many other agencies, non-profits, and community based programs. From the vast array of year-round district activities with youth to the support for homicide survivors and victims of domestic violence; from the home visits and referrals of at-risk youth to social workers to the youth dialogues with community partners; from Coffee with a Cop to flashlight walks with residents; from Shop with a Cop to the Academy training officers to better interact with youth; and from reentry programs for returning offenders to school safety days with special needs populations; the BPD is working every day to build and strengthen relationships with the community.

Office of Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston, MA

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