2015 Marie Conley Civilian of The Year Award

2015 Marie Conley Civilian of The Year Award

This award is presented to a civilian member of the Boston Police Department who is committed to performing his/her responsibilities consistently to the best of his/her ability. This individual shows An unwavering commitment to helping all of the communities within the City of Boston and their residents.


2015 Recipient

Civilian Communications Equipment Operator Jenna Kelley Operations Division


On January 23rd a counselor from a rehabilitation center in Worcester called 9-1-1 to report that a recent client called him to report that she was being held somewhere in Brighton. CEO Kelley took the call and all pertinent information and proceeded to call the victim directly. At first the victim seemed incoherent and confused, but CEO Kelley pressed on and realized she had been a victim of sexual assault, that the suspected where nearby, and they possible had weapons. They were able to speak on the telephone for about 12 minutes.


She was able to calm the victim, convinced her to stay on the phone and obtained a street name and number for the obscure location. She documented a description of the suspects and their weapons and stayed on the phone until police arrived.


The great patience and thoroughness displayed servicing this call, the encouraging words used to get the victim to change her place within the confines of her location, ensuring her personal safety and the empathy and compassion put forth during the conversation resulted in officers apprehending the suspects involved and rendering aid to the victim. The information obtained was vital to the safety of responding officers.

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