Like many Americans, Brad had cameras installed to keep an eye on things. The very next day, two packages were stolen off their front porch. Just like that, they became victims.  Brad, a consummate problem solver, became fascinated with the world of last mile deliveries. Out of this, BoxLock was launched in July 2018.

Boston Web Marketing was founded in 2009 by Steve Nash and Colin Haviland to address the simple need for local business to improve their online presence with search engine optimization. The company quickly grew to include social media management and web design services.

The FirstNet mission is to deploy, operate, maintain, and improve the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. This reliable, highly secure, interoperable, and innovative public safety communications platform will bring 21st century tools to public safety agencies and first responders, allowing them to get more information quickly and helping them to make faster and better decisions.

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