In 1631, the Town of Boston organized a Night Watch to guard the town and keep it safe.

The watch was the first of its kind, laying the foundation for what would become the City’s first Police Force.

The Town has grown since then, but the brave men and women of the Boston Police Department continue to watch over its people.


Today, The Boston Police Foundation honors those who go above and beyond by presenting the following awards:

The Ezekiel W. Hodsdon Police Officer of the Year Award

This award is presented to an officer who exceeds the expectations of his/her job requirements by demonstrating an excellent work ethic, advanced expertise in law enforcement activities and exceptional teamwork in both routine and crisis situations. In addition to going above and beyond in his/her performance as a police officer, he/she is extremely dedicated to supporting the community.

The Thomas J. Norton Investigator of the Year Award

This award is presented to an investigator who exhibits a remarkable work ethic, the ability to work exceedingly well with both colleagues and the public during investigations, works diligently to ensure the successful prosecution of offenders and who exemplifies an eagerness to add value to his/her community.

The Frederick Schlehuber Outstanding Leadership Award

This award is presented to the supervisory level officer who performs with excellence and shows exemplary leadership through his/her dedication to the members and mission of the Boston Police Department. This officer inspires others to perform their duties with the utmost integrity and is dedicated to serving the community beyond the call of duty.

The Marie Conley Civilian of the Year Award

This award is presented to the civilian member of the Boston Police Department who has made exceptional contributions on and off the job. This individual shows an incredible commitment to his/her job, exemplifies teamwork, and is passionate about improving the safety and well-being of all communities within the city of Boston.

The Boston Police Foundation Hero’s Award

This award is presented to the Officer (or Officers) who have demonstrated exceptional strength, courage, fortitude, sacrifice and service during a time of crisis. The individual(s) selected for this award will have upheld the finest traditions of the Boston Police Department during the heroic performance of his/her (their) duty under the most grave and critical of circumstances.

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