2015 Frederick Schlehuber Outstanding Leadership Award

The Frederick Schlehuber Outstanding Leadership Award:

This award is presented to the supervisory level officer who strives for excellence and shows amazing leadership in the execution of his/her everyday duties and responsibilities. This officer inspires others to perform their duties with the principles of integrity and hard work to ensure the safety and protection of the community.


2015 Recipient

Sergeant Detective John Fitzgerald B-3


Over the years the residents of the city and the Boston Police Department have seen an increase of after-house parties in the neighborhoods. To combat this activity on B-3 Sergeant Detective John Fitzgerald who works every Friday and Saturday night developed “Operation Part Crasher”. He started the operation in 2011 and since then B-3 has seen significant reductions in both quality of life complaints as well as violent acts from such events. Operation Party Crashers has resulted in 27 investigations that have resulted in 15 arrests for unlawful possession of firearms, disorderly conduct and keepers of disorderly houses, 5 summons issues for keepers of disorderly houses and 33 city ordinance violations issued totaling $9,900 in finds. 5 warning notices have been issued and 9 sets of DJ equipment seized. 4 firearms have been seized while conduction the operation this year.


The operation has become a Best Practice that is taught at the Police Academy to newly promoted sergeants as well as sergeant Detectives in CID. The program has resulted in better quality of life for many residents in the city.

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