Officer Wellness and Safety

Officer Wellness and Safety

Boston Police officers are human. They don’t simply forget the cases they investigate. The Boston Police Foundation supports programs that help cops shoulder post-incident stress, anxiety, and depression. Through structured group discussions and seminars, the Department’s Peer Support Unit and Critical Incident Stress Management Team guide members of the BPD through traumatic experiences, like line-of-duty shootings, high-speed pursuits, and personal tragedies.

It’s an unfortunate reality that more cops are killed annually nationwide by their own firearms than by firearms of violent criminals. The Suicide Prevention Training is a concerted effort by the Boston Police Department to combat that statistic. BPF funded programs give members of the BPD access to peer support groups and professional counselors specializing in suicide prevention. These outlets support Police Officers through post-incident stress and ensure that they can continue to protect and serve the City of Boston.

The goal of every officer-wellness initiative is to educate members of the BPD. The Foundation supports these programs because it believes in the welfare of those who risk their lives for the City of Boston.

Stress and anxiety are part of the job. Dealing with them alone shouldn’t be. 


Officer Health & Wellness Donations: $894,404.12

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