Partners – Boxlock

Box Lock protects your packages

The Boston Police Foundation and BoxLock are teaming up to protect Boston’s deliveries.

Together we’re working to stop this gateway crime, increase convenience for Bostonians and improve the quality of life of our officers. Protect your deliveries and help make Boston’s neighborhoods safer by reducing package theft with BoxLock.

Boston residents get 10% off any purchase from the BoxLock Store, and for each purchase over $100, BoxLock will make a $10 donation to the Boston Police Foundation when using the code “BOSTON”

About BoxLock:

BoxLock, a smart padlock that is unlocked by barcode technology, is the only nationally available solution protecting packages delivered by all major carriers. The trailblazer in securing last mile deliveries and is now protecting thousands of deliveries by UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon to homes and small businesses in all 50 states. Using its smart padlock and cross-industry relationships, BoxLock is pioneering a solution to the last mile issues plaguing the otherwise automated experience of on-line shopping. BoxLock automatically collects tracking numbers for anything to be delivered to a household or business.  Effortless Tracking works with UPS My ChoiceFedEx Delivery ManagerUSPS Informed Delivery and Amazon Prime.

Delivery drivers simply grab BoxLock and press the button on its top to scan the tracking number on a package. BoxLock instantly connects to the user’s Wi-Fi to confirm whether or not the lock should unlock.  Only packages that are intended for that address on that day will unlock the smart padlock.


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