Recent Donations Bolstering Boston Marathon Security

The Boston Police Foundation is dedicated to Backing Up Boston’s Finest but our support does not only benefit them. By supporting the Boston Police Department we are also actively working to protect the City of Boston and its residents. The Boston Marathon is one of the City’s most important events and the foundation has made recent donations to help bolster the safety of it.
The foundation provided the funding to purchase 4 canines to assist the K9 Unit. The dogs have a variety of capabilities including bomb sniffing, gun sniffing and drug sniffing. The K9 unit is instrumental to the security of large events and we are honored to be able to bolster their effectiveness.
The foundation has also approved the funding to provide food, drinks and equipment to the Boston Police Union food trucks for the Boston Marathon. Over 4,000 First Responders will be served through Marathon Monday at 7 locations throughout the Marathon Route. First responders will be able to quickly and easily get a break on their shift. The locations are conveniently located for the First Responders and will allow them to remain close in case of any emergencies.
Your support has allowed us to make these significant donations and we can’t thank you enough. Please continue to help supporting Boston’s Finest and provide them the tools and equipment needed to protect the City of Boston. 
To make a donation please CLICK HERE.

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